Raquel Pompa, Interior Designer and Owner of Inspired to Transform Interiors is a compassionate vegan designer who’s mission in life is to make a small impact in the interior design industry. She plans on doing so by educating her clients and local communities to start taking action towards using vegan and cruelty-free alternatives for their homes or business. 

Interior Designer

“We are striving to be the difference, to be the voice to transform the hearts of our clients and communities for compassion, for the animals who have no voice and pay the high price"-Raquel Pompa.

Inspired to Transform Interiors is based in the city of San Diego, CA., and is here for any of your vegan interior design needs.

Are you a homeowner, or individual who has just purchased a new home; that desires to have a beautiful and breathtaking home environment to come home to at the end of a workday? Perhaps, you are a busy professional that has come to the realization that taking on a new home project is just too overwhelming for your schedule. It can definitly seem daunting the amount of time required to design and complete a project within a specific timeframe. 


This is when and where interior designer, Raquel Pompa comes in: to fullfill those project needs;implement and accomplish an aesthetically pleasing home environment; and achieve the desired wow factor for her clients home.

Interior Designer, Raquel Pompa, skilled in design principles and elements, has the innate ability to achieve a great design for your home. She will work diligently in preparing and supervising the design concept from start to finish for various projects such as the details of floor plans, to the selections of furniture pieces and other key components.

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